The gain on the sale of the shares is the difference between the proceeds of the sale and the market value at the time of exercise of the option. The "capital gain" is taxed at the highest marginal rate. A person can opt for a rate of 15%. A registered partnership, a registered business and a trust, as well as other companies that pay another person for goods or services purchased, are entitled to withhold tax unless the person is exempt from paying the tax. You must be registered to withhold business transaction taxes. A resident person withholds tax on payments made under a contract with a non-resident person for the supply of goods, works or services and informs the Commissioner General of the contract within thirty (30) days of entering into the contract. The law requires contributions from and for all employees (including expatriates). Regulators have set out new modalities in the publications and under the Official Gazette of the National Pensions (Law 883) Amendment Act 2014, obliging expatriates to be included in the scheme. Expatriates are guaranteed to receive their contributions as soon as they prove that they are permanently emigrating from Ghana, regardless of whether or not the minimum pension contribution of 15 years is respected.

A comprehensive overview of income tax, social security tax rates and tax legislation that affects foreign workers. VAT. Withholding tax payers continue to retain 7 % of the taxable amount (the taxable amount on which VAT is calculated) of all local taxable supplies made by a standard taxable person/supplier at the time of payment, and the difference of 5,5 % of the tax value and the tax value will continue to be paid to the taxable person/supplier. What are the current income tax rates for residents and non-residents in Ghana? A taxable person subject to VAT who has made supplies and suffered from withholding VAT will continue to file his VAT and tax returns and pay those duties in accordance with the provisions of the VAT Act 2013 (Act 870), NHIL and GETFund, Law to the Ghana Tax Authority. Will a non-resident of Ghana who is also appointed as a statutory director (i.e. a member of the board of directors of a group company) in the course of his or her employment with a group company trigger a personal tax liability in Ghana even if no separate remuneration from the board of directors is paid for his or her duties as a member of the board of directors? Provision of services by a company exceeding GH 2,000 per year A withholding tax officer issues a withholding tax certificate to the agent in the prescribed form. If income from foreign sources is taxable, there is a credit for taxes paid in other jurisdictions on income from non-Ghanaian sources. However, the authorized foreign tax credit may not exceed the average rate of Ghanaian tax due on that income. In accordance with Law 896 and the non-discrimination clause provided for in double taxation treaties, if the aforementioned tax rates exceed the general tax rate under "Payments to non-residents", the general tax rate applies. An employee`s income is subject to the employer`s withholding tax. The employer`s obligation to withhold tax prevails over any other obligation or provision of any law.

A resident person who is not a natural person withholds tax on the gross amount of payments to another resident for supplies of goods, works or services relating to a contract between the beneficiary and the resident. Exchange rate used for calculation: USD1.00 = GHS5.3984 (Bank of Ghana Interbank Forex Rate on February 4, 2020). Foreign tax credits are calculated separately for the taxable foreign income of each business, employment or investment and may not exceed that person`s average rate of ghanaian income tax for the tax year applied to that person`s taxable foreign income for the year from a business, employment or investment. A taxpayer who withholds the tax must file a return in the prescribed form and the tax withheld within fifteen (15) days of the end of the month and pay it to the Commissioner General [...].