While the equipment is loaned to an employee, the employee assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage. The borrowed equipment must be of the type that can be easily transported. The applicant shall be aware of the specific operation of the apparatus. Equipment rental between camps requires the prior approval of the Campus Commissioner delegated by the Chancellor to control the equipment and must be reported to the Equipment Directorate. Loans of one year or more are recorded in the stock records. Intercampus loans are registered by the bank on a corresponding form. If the equipment is loaned to another department for a short period of time, a memorandum of the transaction must be submitted to the credit department. If the term of the loan exceeds one year, it must be reported to Equipment Management on an Equipment Inventory Change Application (LMIA) form by the credit department, indicating the name of the credit department, the ownership number and the new location of the equipment. Material and/or equipment may not be passed on to third parties without the written consent of the property manager. The rental of equipment that is not owned by The Regents and that is in the custody and custody of the University is strictly prohibited without the express written permission of the title holder. The administrator designated as responsible for the equipment decides whether the loan should be granted taking into account the following guidelines, which must also be discussed with the employee applying for the loan. Loans or assignment of academic material to external organizations or individuals for the purposes of teaching, demonstration, research, general academic support or other university-related activities are permitted provided that a written loan agreement is signed between the department head (or department clerk) who officially owns the equipment and the borrower.

For this purpose, the device assignment form must be used. The device allocation form signed by the departmental authority and the user must be forwarded to the device management for final approval and registration. Two copies of the completed agreement will be returned to the credit department. A copy must be kept at the ministry; The other copy must be attached to the borrower and the equipment. The borrowed material must be returned within the agreed deadline. Extended loans are not allowed. The assigned object cannot be used for personal purposes. The school property was purchased with taxpayers` money and is to be used for academic purposes and not for private purposes. The use of equipment and materials for personal or non-professional activities is not permitted. The university does not insure the lender`s equipment unless the lender requires it.

If insurance is required, it is the responsibility of the service (see ยง 711). An Equipment Loan Agreement form is available to report equipment loan agreements between university departments and external agencies or individuals (other than federal government agencies). All borrowed equipment must be marked with an APS number or uniquely identified as the property of the Albuquerque Public School System. No unmarked devices may be removed from the premises. An APS employee who wishes to borrow district equipment must submit an application to the administrator designated as responsible for the equipment, usually the director or director of the department. The employee must complete and sign the "Manual Receipt for APS Equipment Rental" form (AD-70), which indicates that the loan is for non-professional purposes and that the employee assumes financial responsibility for the equipment during the term of the loan. Upon request, the borrower must account for all materials and/or equipment. A "manual receipt" must be signed for all borrowed devices. All applications for temporary loan of APS equipment should be addressed to the client, director or administrator, who is personally responsible for the proper use, maintenance and storage of public items. If borrowed devices are returned, the lower part of the device assignment form must be completed and returned to Device Management. Insurance coverage is highly recommended for rental devices. The university`s personal property insurance program and the procedure for applying for coverage are discussed in section 711.

The loan of equipment for demonstration or approval purposes is not covered by device management. However, these loans must have prior approval of the purchase. If the loan is terminated, the management of the equipment must be advised by the credit service. Revised: May 1995Regregated: April 1996Reacted: May 1997Vereur: 1. January 2001 If this procedure is impractical or unusual, contact Equipment Management at 824-6111 for assistance. The equipment cannot be loaned to a PSA employee if the loan deprives students of classroom use or disrupts day-to-day operations. Intercampus loans are declared to the borrowing campus in the same way as Intercampus transfers (BUS-29, Section L, I., D., 2). .