Source: Educational and Budget Plans November 22, 2011 Michael E. Finn, CFO. The way to success Promoting higher education Objective 1 – Initiative 8. The Affordable Care Act has early implications. The most important provisions of the act only begin when much has changed. Dependent coverage: Interim budget March 18, previous year`s budget cuts Elimination of special education learning/Two elementary eliminations. 8 What has been achieved? (1) National coverage of 476,776 scholarship holders 9.3% of the 5.1 million students in public high schools 35.8% of the 1.3 million students in private high schools 2,033 participating private high schools 39.8% of the 5,110 public high schools On average, 4 private high schools face enrolment or congestion problems in 10 public high schools 46.3% of the 4,392 private high schools 234.5 scholarship holders per school, an average of 58.6 scholarship recipients per year per school, on average 12 What has been achieved? (3b) Indeed, the CES program generates resources for participating schools that go beyond state transfers, as scholarship holders make significant shares. In this way, more resources are generated for basic education. 1.

Submit the requirements of the ESC application to the Registrar`s office upon on-site registration. 11 ESC grants generate revenue of 4.43 billion pesos for ESC schoolsThe CESC scholarship holders support 2.0 billion pesos out of the 4.43 billion pesos. 2 In short, the ESC program provides a fixed scholarship for graduates of public primary schools who decide to enroll in participating private high schools. In fact, private schools have a mandate to provide secondary education to students who would otherwise have attended public schools. 4 Program Features Benefits RequirementsA fixed annual scholarship for 4 years of high school Value of the grant since SY: PhP10,000 per year in the NCR and PhP5,000 elsewhere in the country. Fellows must meet all academic requirements of each academic level. Fellows may not take school leave except due to force majeure or illness. Fellows who retire due to the death of a parent or guardian, force majeure, prolonged illness or accident may be readmitted to the ESC program provided they submit documents to support their application. Stephan A. Moses President Center for Long-Term Care Reform is dedicated to ensuring high-quality long-term care for all Americans CONTACT: By: Jessica Weimerskirk  Grant - State financial support for a domestic producer.

 2 Forms ◦ Agriculture ◦ Non-agricultural  Subsidies granted. Primary school graduates who complete secondary education in a private high school participating in the ESC or in the 7th year can take advantage of the program. For any questions, concerns or clarifications, you can contact the follow-up and treatment service at or (02) 8570 7322 / (+63) 0917 501 3273. Also follow them on their social media accounts for important updates and announcements. You can request a copy of the ESC application form from Guard-on-Duty or download and print the ESC APPLICATION FORM file. 9 What has been achieved? (2) The ESC programme offers a more cost-effective alternative to the direct public provision of education Costs of a public high school student: PhP9 048 Costs of an ESC fellow: PhP5 344 6 How the ESC programme came into beingUcationals policy makers (within government and the private sector) wanted to use the surplus resources in private schools to combat congestion and poor quality in public schools Ra legal bases 6728 of 1989: Government Support to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE) RA 8545 of 1998: The expanded GASTPE 5 program provides service providers to private secondary schools that apply for DepEd to participate in the program, who pass an annual certification process for the quality of the service. For other ESC requests, you can contact the Registrar at (082) 235-2971. The ESC aims to make high-quality middle education accessible by providing financial support to deserving primary school graduates who wish to attend lower secondary school in private schools. We accept certifications issued by Barangay. 1 The Philippine Educational Services Contract (ESC) ProgramMichael M. Alba de La Salle University  Manila 1. Employees in the Philippines (including the self-employed) Click on this link to apply for the ESC Scholarship Program.

Report on the 30-minute conference  The why, the objective and the questions to be answered  Some key questions about calculation and pricing methods  Explanation. 12th National Congress of Peso October Baguio Country Club, Baguio City Helping Young Filipinos Get a Good Start: Shaping Youth Employment. Step 3 Submit the ESC application form and documentation requirements. 13 Challenges Can the CES program be expanded without increasing costs and reducing the quality of education in private schools? What is the cost structure of the program? What is the optimal delivery combination? Will private schools themselves be overcrowded or will they suffer from quality? Can the CES programme be better targeted to improve the overall accessibility and quality of secondary education? How can the CES program be used to improve public high schools? Step 1 Complete the Education Services Contract (ESC) application form. Communities in Delaware Schools Allow students to stay in school and achieve something in life. The grant may be terminated if a fellow meets one of the following conditions: However, note that if the full tuition fee specified by the school in the IMS ESC is less than the amount of the ESC grant, the school will only pay the full tuition fee. New Grade 7 students who wish to apply to the ESC program at PNJK-IS must follow the following procedure and submit the documentation requirements. .