By building a long-term partnership with a TV show, a brand borrows its values. The longer the partnership, the more the association takes root and the deeper and more confident the relationship with the viewer becomes. Good Looking Out is a branded web series from Complex and SIMPLE Mobile that offers millennial entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive mentorship from successful people in their field. This well-produced series showcases young talents in everything from cooking to fashion. By putting its name on this show, SIMPLE Mobile is positioning itself as a company that has invested in the ideas and talents of its customers. Using such a content outlet also allows them to comment on topics that are close to their hearts, such as e-commerce and collaboration between independent companies and large companies. They worked on a journalism article on the history of American music with beautiful illustrations, interactive elements and even a tool for the reader to create playlists. This brought together both their specializations and their skills to create something that no party could have done alone. Check out our selection of great examples of content marketing partnerships for more inspiration. As more and more people work from home and keep a close eye on current events, they read, watch and consume immense amounts of content.

This is in line with a similar trend seen in 2008 and 2009, when consumers tried to pinch pennies where they could and publishers produced content on how to shop online and save money. You may think it would be easy to hide the fact that sponsored content has been paid for, but it`s worth noting that it`s illegal in the UK and US not to disclose advertising. Therefore, it is important that the type of sponsored content is clearly indicated. Shortly before its centenary, TIAA commissioned its IPG partner agencies (Weber Shandwick, UM Worldwide and The Martin Agency) to promote awareness and engagement among non-profit target groups. Their strategy was to celebrate not only their own important milestone, but also the incredible people TIAA serves. The TIAA Difference Maker 100 recognized 100 individuals working in the nonprofit sector with grants of $10,000 each to the nonprofits they support. In this multifaceted campaign, the teams created a co-branded editorial center for the Huffington Post, along with native content that highlighted the individual winners. You can even go one step further and link to their website in your own content (as long as it`s relevant). Then, send them a message letting them know that you liked their content and referenced it in yours. Sometimes they can reciprocate and link to one of your articles. Otherwise, it`s always a positive and memorable way to present yourself as a potential content partner.

To promote the Super Slo-Mo feature of the Samsung Galaxy S9, this video series captures the most photogenic creatures of all: our beloved pets. From cats on hikes to dogs at the spa, this series benefits from the (very true) belief that the public loves content with animals. The highly shareable nature of this collaboration is of great benefit to The Dodo, while Samsung can showcase its camera technology with the cutest models imaginable. UPROXX`s mission with this campaign, which began in the second quarter of 2018 and was developed and expanded in the fourth quarter, was to make Intel synonymous with creativity. In addition to hosting CRE8CON, a live event for creators of all stripes, the team created 10 heroic contents, including a live animated horror short film projected to the side of a nine-story building with a live actor, live music score, and an unsuspecting audience. Since everything in the campaign was created using computers equipped with Intel`s Optane memory, this is a smart way to demonstrate the versatility and creative power of advertiser technology. Buzzfeed receives a commission for each sale of these products via the affiliate links in the articles. .