(ii) the contracting authority shall be informed whether the subsequent appeal has actually been lodged. If the notification is not received by the contract agent within the 15-day period, it is presumed that the request for suspension of the contractual act of the SBA has been withdrawn and that no complaint has been lodged with the Secretary. (29) `purchase` means acceptance by sale, lease, remittance, negotiation, mortgage, lien, lien, security, issue or reissue, gift or any other voluntary transaction giving rise to a right of ownership. (2) Any object described in subsection (1) of this definition that requires only minor modifications or modifications of a type normally available on the commercial market in order to meet the requirements of the service or supply organization; or The following definitions represent the types of contractual measures that the government can use to procure goods or services. (2) Another part, subpart or far section contains a different definition of that part or part of the part. BPA Call: A BPA call is a call against an existing flat-rate purchase agreement to request a service or product provided under the specified contract. (1) Any previously developed delivery item used exclusively for governmental purposes by a federal agency, state or local government, or foreign government with which the United States has entered into a mutual defense cooperation agreement; (1) Means an enterprise, including its affiliates, that is independently owned and operated, that is not dominant in the field of activity in which it is seeking government procurement and that is classified as a small enterprise according to the criteria and size standards set out in Part 121 of 13 CFR (see 19.102). Such an undertaking is `not dominant in its field of activity` if it does not exercise at national level a dominant or significant influence over a type of commercial activity in which several commercial undertakings are mainly involved. In determining whether there is a dominant position, all appropriate factors are taken into account, including business volume, number of employees, financial resources, competitive status or position, ownership or control of materials, processes, patents, licensing agreements, facilities, distribution territory and type of business activity. (See 15 U.S.C. 632.) Term Rate Agreement means a written agreement negotiated between a contractor and the government to make certain rates available for use in rate contracts or amendments for a specified period of time. These rates represent reasonable projections of specific costs that cannot be easily estimated, identified or generated by a particular contract, object or task.

These projections may include rates for items such as labour, indirect costs, obsolescence and use of materials, supply of spare parts, and material handling. Name Change Agreement means a legal instrument signed by the Contractor and the Government that recognizes the Change of The Contractor`s legal name without compromising the parties` initial contractual rights and obligations. Intragovernmental agreements: Intra-government agreements are agreements in which offices enter into contracts with other offices within the department to obtain products or services. Cost or price data (10 U.S.C.2306a(h)(1) and 41 U.S.C. Chapter 35) means all facts which prudent buyers and sellers would reasonably expect to have a material influence on the price negotiations at the time of the price agreement or, where applicable, an earlier date agreed between the parties that is as close as possible to the date of the price agreement. Cost or price data are factual and non-judgmental; and are verifiable. While they do not provide any indication of the accuracy of the potential contractor`s assessment of the estimated future costs or projections, they do contain the data that form the basis of this judgment. Cost or price data is more than historical accounting data; they are all facts that can reasonably be expected to contribute to the robustness of future cost estimates and the validity of the determination of costs already incurred. They also include, but are not limited to, factors such as: (1) Means a subset of consolidation that combines two or more requirements for supplies or services previously provided or provided under separate small contracts (see paragraph 2) of this definition) in a single order, multiple order or contract or supply contract; which is unlikely to be suitable for contracting to a small business (even if it is appropriate).

for assignment to a small business that has entered into a team agreement with a small business) due to- (b) The contractor does not have to cancel the application if the D&F, as amended, supports the contractual action. Construction or work refers to structural activity as opposed to manufacturing, supplying materials or maintenance and repair work. Terms include, but are not limited to, buildings, structures and improvements of all kinds, such as bridges, dams, facilities, highways, parkways, roads, subways, tunnels, sewers, pipelines, pumping stations, heavy generators, railways, airports, terminals, wharves, wharves, roads, lighthouses, buoys, jetties, breakwaters, canals, dredging, shoring structures, equipment rehabilitation and reactivation, scaffolding, drilling, blasting, excavation, clearing and landscaping. The manufacture or supply of materials, articles, supplies or equipment (whether or not a federal or state authority acquires ownership of such materials, articles, supplies or equipment in the course of manufacture or establishment or owns the materials from which they are manufactured or supplied) is not a "building" or "work" within the meaning of this definition, unless: it is carried out in connection with and at the location of such a building or structure as indicated in the preceding sentence or under the U.S. Housing Act of 1937 and the Housing Act of 1949 in the construction or development of the project. 15. Amend section 32.001 by revising the definition of "contractual action" to read as follows: Individual deviations relate to only one contractual act and, unless paragraph 1,405(e) is applicable, may be approved by the Agency manager. The contractor shall document the Agency`s justification and approval in the contract file.

Small businesses owned by economically disadvantaged women (EDWOSB) (see the definition of the Women-Owned Small Business Program (WOSB) in this section). (2) For the purposes of this definition, "separate small market" means a contract performed by one or more small enterprises or which was likely to be awarded to one or more small enterprises. Value engineering is an analysis of the functions of a program, project, system, product, equipment, building, facility, service, or delivery of an executive agency by qualified personnel of an agency or contractor to improve performance, reliability, quality, safety, and life-cycle costs (41 U.S.C. 1711). For use in section 52.248-2, see the definition in paragraph 52.248-2(b). (24) `currency` means a medium of exchange currently approved or accepted by a national or foreign government. The term includes a monetary unit of account established by an intergovernmental organization or by agreement between two or more countries. (2) 52.225-1 and 52.225-3, see definition in paragraphs 52.225-1(a) and 52.225-3(a); 1. Within 1 working day, the representative of the SBA supply centre may request the contract agent to suspend measures against the acquisition until the administrator of the SBA lodges a complaint with the Head of the Agency (see point (f) of this Section); and information and communication technologies (ICT) means information technologies and other devices, systems, technologies or processes whose primary function is to create, manipulate, store, display, receive or transmit electronic data and information and any related content. .